FNU — the Nordic youth association in Denmark

Foreningen NORDENs Ungdom (The Youth League of the NORDEN Association in Denmark) is a Danish organisation which aims to create connections and strengthen the cooperation between young people in the Nordic countries and enhance our mutual understanding of the Nordic languages, cultures and societies.

The youth association was founded in 1992 and has about 580 members divided into five local chapters. Every year we organise a smörgåsbord of local cultural activities, national-level projects as well as quick trips and serious expeditions to all corners of the Nordic region.

Our members have very varying interests and reasons for joining, but we are all in one way or another enthusiastic about Nordic cooperation and new experiences. Locally, we might meet up to go to concerts with new, exciting artists from the other countries, throw Nordic movie nights or cinema trips, visit Viking fairs or art exhibitions together, or have a workshop on New Nordic Cuisine. A few times a year, many of us will travel with the association to events, to go hiking, or to attend conferences in the other Nordic countries, and get the chance to improve our language skills, immerse ourselves in culture, and build long-lasting friendships.

As a member you get invited to all our activities and trips abroad. You’ll also receive awesome discounts from the most popular Danish outdoor shops. The membership fee is only DKK 85 per year (DKK 170 if you’re older than 30). Become a member here! Read more about upcoming activities in our calendar, or check out our page on Facebook.

If you have any questions or wish to know more about our association, don’t hesitate to contact us at kontakt@fnu.dk.